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At DPS Photography, Birmingham, we provide a wide range of photography services that are aimed at capturing special events and memories, so book today.

We are a photo service business, providing you, the party-loving public (at Celebration Events) a Mobile Portrait Photo Studio (complete with full backdrop, studio photo-flood lighting, high-end digital studio DSLR camera, on-site, high-quality dye-sub photo printing -in fact a complete 'Mobile Portrait Photo Studio'). 
We photograph you, your family and party guests with a high-end DSLR camera and provide you with a digitally produced, very high-quality photographic print.  All produced within a matter of minutes and handed to you in a high-quality card photo mount.  We give you all this to help you celebrate your special occasion and to make your special day that much more memorable for you for years to come.

DPS Party Photography Formation

DPS Party Photography was founded after working for decades in the photographic industry – in the analogue, chemical film processing and printing era.  Then we had started-up, owned and managed many prime-site located (High Street based, in town centres) Photo-retail shops, complete with in-house photo-studio and chemical-based, Photo 'Mini-Labs'.  We were providing then, customers with the One-Hour and 30 minute, film processing and photo printing and instant passport photo service – all Kodak approved and trained full photographic service.

The Photo Digital Age

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Enter the dawn of the digital age  (a new era in the photographic industry). We were well placed with the know-how, knowledge, and experience (built up through many years of being in the photographic industry) to provide you with the best photo studio service. 


And so, in this digital photo era, the ideal location for our Mobile Photo Studio service is at our party celebration events. Thus the time has now arrived to provide you, the photo-loving public, with our 'Mobile Portrait Photo Studio.' a situation in which you are ideally suited and dressed for the occasion and of which you can take full advantage of by acquiring our service. We aim to give you a product that you will appreciate and treasure for many memorable days, months, and years.

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